People in the developed world use highly treated drinking water to flush their toilets, wash their cars and water their lawns and golf courses while people in third world walk miles each day carrying water urns on their backs to provide a minimal supply of freshwater for their families. A serious water crisis is on its way and the sooner we act upon it, the more prepared we would be. Water paucity is not just a climatic issue, it is also an issue of global inequality and political behaviours. Research in Progress.
Amidst the rapid urbanization in India, the dearth of public spaces and cool off zones such as Parks, Gardens and Public woodlands is a big concern. Not only is this our right as citizens, but it is also one of the prime causes of increasing mental health issues. Stacks of buildings mirrored across the city with no care shown to open spaces is costing us much more than our capitalist agendas.
Any urban environment today is replete with spaces forfeited, abandoned, unmanaged or unused. With no one to care or manage these, they become hotspots of unruly and criminal behaviour. But can these rough and dry spaces not be put a better use for the city. Rewilding is a dutch initiative of introducing greenery in a marginalised landscape. The initiative has the potential to be replicated anywhere.